• Exercise May Stave Off Postpartum Depression

    By Carolyn Crist (Reuters Health) – – Physical activity during and after pregnancy improves psychological wellbeing and may protect against postpartum depression, according to a new analysis of existing research. Even low-intensity exercise, such as walking with a baby stroller, was linked to a lower likelihood of depressive symptoms in new mothers, researchers found. “The

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  • Many Americans Taking Too Much Vitamin D

    By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) – Nearly one in five U.S. adults are taking supplemental vitamin D, and a growing number are taking excessively high doses linked to an increased risk of fractures, falls, kidney stones and certain cancers, a new study suggests. Vitamin D helps the body use calcium to support bone health. The

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  • Mother’s Heart Health Tied to Breastfeeding

    By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – A woman’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke later in life may be influenced by how long she breastfed her children, according to a new study from China. Women who reported having breastfed for any amount of time were about 9 percent less likely than mothers

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